Registration fees for the KUA19

KUA19 participating fee – 50 EUR
Residents participating fee – 25 EUR

KUA19 Participating fee 10 EUR
KUA19 Participating fee including Lunch – 25 EUR

The membership association can be done at the moment of registering.

Rules for submission of Astracts

Për të dërguar abstraktet tuaja, ju lutemi shfrytëzoni formën.
Abstraktet nuk mund të redaktohen / azhurnohen pas dorëzimit përfundimtar. Jeni të mirëpritur të sillni një abstrakt të përditësuar me ju.

Abstracts must be submitted by filling the form.
Abstracts may not be edited/updated after final submission. You are welcome to bring an updated abstract onsite with you.
Abstract file size can not exceed 2MB.
File format supported are: doc, pdf, docx, jpg, png.

The deadline for a submission has already passed!